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Applewoods Hydroponica originally opened for business selling Hydroponic equipment and Grow Lights / horticultural Lighting in October of 1997, on the recommendation of a Crown Court Judge. Actually he recommended its proprietor find a better outlook for his talents after police discovered 100 cannabis plants in his loft along with sweet peppers, strawberries and a lemon tree.

It has traded from a number of locations since then including at the Garden Centre at Syon Park (2y), The owners home in Chiswick (2 y), a warehouse in Hounslow, (2 y 6 m) Opposite the magistrates court in Brentford 5y, the Space Station Storage facility Brentford 2 y) and finally back at the owners home in Chiswick (from which it currently operates). The company has moved away from High Street trading mostly due to Police harassment - each move being the result of a police raid or prompting one. Working from home has its own difficulties: concerns regarding supply to non-business premises within the hydroponic wholesale companies makes running a full shop impossible!

We currently have a range of ex stock items at discounted prices and some 2nd hand hydroponic/horticultural goods, new and 2nd hand horticultural 'Grow' lights, new large fans filters and insulated ducting, growing mediums etc.

As a company we are concentrating our efforts on the 'Growers of Conviction'; range of seeds which are specially made for Applewoods Hydroponica. These seeds are only created in small batches and have as a result a limited variety. They are sold fresh as regular seeds (male and female), we do not sell old seed stock! While these seeds are intended for being grown on, we recommend that persons buying these seeds consult with the laws in the country within which it is intended to grow them, with regard to legality* (much of the world still live under the 20th century drug repression in regard to cannabis including here in the UK)

Please don't hesitate to contact us - The owner Philip Walsh Is still available for person to person trade but only through a prior appointment basis. Items can be collected in person by prior appointment.

*Germination of Growers of Conviction Seeds may be hazardous to your liberty - please check your National Laws to avoid incarceration over the breaking of national drug fascism laws.

BB3 Britains' Secret Farms

Applewoods' founder Phil Walsh appeared on the BBC3 documentary "Cannabis: Britains Secret Farms" speaking about his own experiences with Cannabis and the law, contaminants, and his own seed collection and company.

You can watch Phils appearance in the documentary in the YouTube video below. He first appears about 12 minutes into the first video, and continues into the next video section (below)